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Gelato Vs. Ice Cream Vs. Frozen Yogurt


Gelato Vs. Ice Cream Vs. Frozen Yogurt

All three? Yes please! Here at FYI Delray, we carry all three varieties of heaven. Have you ever wondered about the difference between the three? If you didn’t know,  ‘Gelato’ is the Italian word for ice cream! So, just ask for ice cream if you ever find yourself in Italy. Both ice cream and gelato are made out of similar ingredients, which usually include water, fat, and sugar. The difference is usually in the churning and mixing process. Typically, gelato has more milk compared to cream, whereas ice cream usually has more cream than milk. Another difference between the two is the churning speed. Gelato has a much slower churning speed than ice cream. As a result of the churning speed, gelato is milkier and denser with less air, while ice cream is mixed at a much faster pace. This causes the ice cream to consist of more air (usually between (25%-80%). Ice cream also tends to be milkier while gelato is more dense.


Fro-yo is different than gelato and ice cream. Cream isn’t usually found in frozen yogurt. Cultured milk is generally used instead. However, the cultured milk used in frozen yogurt doesn’t possess the same pro-biotic properties as regular yogurt in the refrigerator due to the freezing process. When frozen, most of the healthy bacteria cultures die. As far as calories are concerned, gelato ranks the highest, with ice cream and frozen yogurt following close behind. Based on data from the USDA, gelato, ice cream and fro-yo consist of 240, 137, and 115 calories per serving.

How About Fat?

Gelato ranks in at 9 grams of fat per serving, which accounts for it’s high calorie content. Keep in mind that gelato is also the densest of the three, making it the most filling. Ice cream comes in a close second at 7 grams per serving, while fro-yo finishes at a modest 4 grams of fat per serving. The same can be said for saturated fats. From a calorie standpoint, it’s easy to vilify gelato. Ounce for ounce, gelato actually has 90 calories per serving, while ice cream has 125. This is because the USDA’s way of counting a serving size is by the half-cup. This is a flawed way of counting the energy potential of these foods because there is much more air in ice cream than gelato. If you get a scoop of gelato and a scoop of ice cream at the same size, than the ice cream will probably have less calories due to the gelato being denser. Ounce for ounce, gelato will be less calories.

Sugar Sugar Sugar

Toppings, mix-ins and the way these three dessert options are made can drastically affect the calories. Gelato may have less calories ounce for ounce than ice cream, but not if you add three peanut butter cups on top of it. Pay attention to how the ice cream is made, and don’t be afraid to ask one of our staff at the Delray location about how the ice cream is made! If you don’t care about the sugar content of your food, then this paragraph is not for you:

If you do care about the sugar content, then that is fine too! Try opting for healthier toppings such as real fruit (bananas, strawberries, blueberries etc.) or avoiding toppings in general. We promise, our ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt are rich and flavorful enough to enjoy without sugary toppings. However, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself and adding a few chocolate chips to your dessert. We think the key to everything is moderation.

Delray Beach Frozen Yogurt

If you are in the Delray Beach, Boca Raton or Boynton Beach areas, we think that our ice cream is well worth your time. We are located in the heart of downtown Delray Beach and offer the most delicious frozen desserts in town! We have authentic Italian gelato, over 20 flavors of ice cream and sorbet, and have a hefty dose of frozen yogurt that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Plus, all frozen yogurts and gelato are certified kosher by ORB!

If you’re vegan, don’t sweat it! We have a ton of non-dairy and vegan flavors for you to sample. You can enjoy all these desserts in our breezy and cool, covered cafe while watching flat screen TV’s either indoors or outdoors. What are you waiting for? Come visit FYI Delray today and try Delray Beach’s favorite ice cream, gelato and fro-yo location!


The History of Ice Cream, Sorbet, and Gelato


The History of Ice Cream, Sorbet, and Gelato

Here at FYI Delray, we serve the best Ice Cream, Gelato, Sorbet, and frozen yogurt in Delray Beach. People travel far and wide to experience the one-of-a-kind experience that we offer. With more flavors than you can count, our ice cream is richer than Jeff Bezos and creamier than unpasteurized milk. You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream.

Perhaps take a look at our legendary never-ending bubble machine, which leaves children transfixed and mesmerized on the spot. Legend has it that one child turned into a giant ice cream cone. We pay homage to the purveyors and inventors that came before us. Without the heroes that invented these creamy delicacies, Delray Beach may have never seen their best ice cream store.

The Origins of Ice Cream

Some say Marco Polo brought it back from the Far East. Others refers to biblical passages that mention King Solomon enjoying iced drinks. Some say FYI Delray was personally responsible for the invention of ice cream through a series of wormholes. The world may never know. What we do know is that during Nero’s reign of Rome (from 54-68 B.C.), ice was harvested and brought back from nearby mountains. They were held in ice houses, which were simple pits covered with straw. This practice of keeping ice in cold climates would go on for centuries until the advent of refrigeration.

The Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) used a process of freezing cow, goat, and buffalo milk to create a frozen treat. They lowered the milk, flower and camphor concoction into ice pools via metal tubes until the mixture was frozen. In Medieval times, an icy beverage called sherbet (sharabt in Arabic) became popular in the Middle East and soon became popular with European aristocracy. Italians are said to have mastered this drink-making technique, using liquid flavored with cherry, pomegranate or quince.


Antonio Latini (1642-1692) may be one of the most influential men to ever live, as he was credited with the invention of Sorbetto. During the 17th century, he added sugar to drinks made out of ice. He is also responsible for creating the first milk-based sorbet, which many culinary experts refer to as the first “official” ice cream. We all owe Antonio a gigantic thank-you.


The year is 1686. Our hero’s name is Francesco Procopio Dei Coltelli. Francesco opened Paris’ first café, aptly named the Il Procope. The establishment became a meeting place for many famous intellectuals, including Benjamin Franklin, Victor Hugo and Napoleon. The café introduced gelato, the Italian version of sorbet, to the French public. It was served in small porcelain bowls resembling egg cups. Procopio became known as the “Father of Italian Gelato”.  During the same century, the French began experimenting with flavored ices. The concoction was known as “fromage”, and was known to include air in the mixture, creating a fluffy and tantalizing texture. Fromage, Gelato, and Sorbetto became quite popular during this time.  

American Ice Cream

It is said that ice cream reached the Americas by means of European settlers. In 1790, the first ice cream parlor opened in New York. Our founding fathers had quite the obsession with ice cream: notable names include George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson. Many parties were held with ice cream being the dessert of choice. Jefferson is said to have kept several ice houses, able to hold up to 62 wagon-loads of ice, along with copious amounts of ice cream. In one year, Washington spent over 200$ on ice cream. I’m not too sure about the rate of inflation on that one, but for that amount of money, you could probably build a skyscraper today.

In summary, the history of ice cream spans globally and over several centuries. No one really knows who first invented the dessert, but we can rest assured that it is here to stay. Did you know that a staggering 9% of America’s cow milk production is dedicated to ice cream production? We think that number is not enough.

Delray Beach Ice Cream

We hope that this article worked up your appetite. See why people travel far and wide to FYI Delray. Maybe it’s the fact that we have ice cream, sorbet, gelato and frozen yogurt. Maybe it’s our inviting atmosphere or are friendly staff.

Perhaps it’s because we offer dairy-free options for vegans and lactose intolerant people alike. The amount of flavors might overwhelm you at first, but don’t be afraid. Our staff is trained to handle customers that are too shocked by the quality of our ice cream. Some customers have been quoted as saying, “this is the best ice cream parlor I’ve ever been to”. If you are ready to try the best ice cream parlor in South Florida (or perhaps the world), then pay us a visit in the heart of downtown Delray. You won’t regret it.


5 Vegan Ice Cream Bases to Die For


5 Vegan Ice Cream Bases to Die For

Who says being a vegan means giving up your favorite foods? 

You might have thought it would be impossible to find a good alternative for ice cream or cheese. But what you’ll if you decide to take the vegan route is that not only are there amazing dairy alternatives that are healthier, many are – no joke - far tastier and even easier to make!

Ice cream is one category of food where there are many amazingly healthy ‘I-can’t-believe-it’s good-for-me’ style dairy-free desserts.

Coconut Cream Base

For a tasty, healthy base try using coconut cream as a delicious alternative to cream. Use honey or maple syrup to sweeten if needed, then add fruit or cocoa for flavor. Coconut cream comes directly from the flesh of mature coconuts, which are exceptionally healthy, containing vitamins, minerals, proteins, and healthier types of carbs and fats. Honey and maple syrup have higher glucose and fructose content than cane sugar, which has the less healthy sucrose, and are better for diabetics. Honey also contains many antioxidants. Neither coconut nor honey are refined products and are usually provided in their raw form without additives. Both are suitable for paleo and liver cleansing diets.

Nut Base

Using almond or cashew milk as a base in ice cream, with fruit and honey, alone or with a little olive oil or tapioca flour to thicken is another exceptionally healthy alternative to cow’s milk. Nut-based milk can be store-bought, or to get an even healthier non-dairy alternative, they can be made from scratch quite easily using a home blender. Nuts provide many health benefits; cashews and almonds are full of vitamins and minerals and are alkaline forming, and both taste great as a dairy alternative. While coconut cream does taste like coconut, nut-based kinds of milk surprisingly don’t really taste nutty. However, if you do want a nut flavor, mixing crushed pistachio or macadamia nuts into the ice cream with cocoa and chocolate chips also taste really great.

Creamed Frozen Bananas

As simple as it sounds, creamed frozen bananas taste delicious, and provide a perfect solution for all those about-to-go-bad bananas. Cut and freeze the bananas in a sealed container, then when you want to eat them, whip them in a food processor or blender.

The creamed frozen bananas taste almost like a soft serve ice cream. This makes a great base to add flavors to, can be served with a sauce or cut fruit, or is perfect to eat alone.

The sweetness of bananas means you don’t even need to add any honey or sugar to the ice cream. 

An even simpler version is to buy the smaller type of bananas and stick a toothpick in them and put them in the freezer whole: Instant fun for kids.

Frozen Dairy-free Yogurt Ice Cream

There are a number of dairy-free yogurt cultures available, and frozen yogurt can make a tasty healthy ice-cream alternative. Simply freeze your favorite dairy-free yogurt, or add some extra crushed fruit, nuts, carob, or honey to a plain yogurt base, then freeze. 


A sorbet is essentially crushed frozen fruit with a little flavor and sweetener if needed, so they are the perfect healthy alternative to ice cream.

The trick is to make a decent consistency and have the right mix of fruit, juice or water, and flavor. With sweeter fruits like mango and banana, no sugar is needed, making this a healthy sugar free option. For a creamier sorbet, mix in a little yogurt or coconut cream. 

If you’re too tired to cook, great news, we have a ton of vegan options at our shop in Downtown Delray Beach. Come and enjoy the South Florida sun and pick up a frozen treat on your way home from the beach.