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Rethink Vegan Ice Cream


Rethink Vegan Ice Cream

Over the last years, we were able to see the rise of vegan ice cream. What is it? In essence, it is ice cream which is made from healthy elements and which uses only natural ingredients. It also doesn’t include dairy products. You may think it sounds like it's missing something, but actually, it is even better than you would expect. This, low-calorie treat can be considered a healthy alternative to ice cream. There are a few reasons why it is so beneficial.

More than just good for you

Most of you eat ice cream knowing that it isn’t the healthiest treat out there; it is filled with sugar and it has plenty of fat. Sometimes it’s worth the caloric expenditure, but imagine ice cream without sugar or fat. Well, you’ve imagined vegan ice cream.

This doesn’t just refer to vegan ice cream. All vegan products are usually healthier than conventional ones. After all, they are made from all-natural ingredients so they have plenty to offer.

Safe for people with lactose intolerance

People who are lactose intolerant cannot eat regular ice cream. If they do, they will regret immediately. Vegan ice cream and desserts are dairy free meaning that they don’t contain any dairy products such as milk or cream. Finally, lactose intolerant people can enjoy delicious ice cream.

Regardless of which conventional ice cream you choose, milk will be the main ingredient. The bottom line here is that lactose intolerant people should only digest vegan ice-cream.

Say bye bye to allergies

No sugar added is just the first label you will see on vegan ice creams. They also have a variety of other advantages. Only some vegan ice creams have nuts and seeds, which can cause allergies. But, all of these ice creams are properly labeled, even better and more so than traditional ice creams. This advantage allows you to avoid allergies. Vegan ice creams are far safer, generally speaking and fewer allergic reactions are caused by them.

Super delicious

Vegan ice creams can be very delicious, contrary to many opinions. In addition, some of them are even more delicious than standard ice-creams, due to their fresh taste and ingredients. Once you take some time to get used to new flavors, a whole new world is in front of you.

Another advantage is that because of the novelty of vegan ice cream, many new flavor ideas are being experimented with, whereas in the case of traditional ice cream, many shops just stick with tried and true flavors.


Vegan ice creams are delicious, they are safer for us and they are safer for the environment. A lot of eco-friendly individuals prefer these ice creams over traditional ones. When it comes to drawbacks, there aren’t any big ones. If you are interested in trying out vegan ice cream, look no further than FY&I’s assortment.


Ice Cream Horoscopes: What Does Your Favorite Flavor Mean?


Ice Cream Horoscopes: What Does Your Favorite Flavor Mean?

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Ice cream is one of the most universally pleasing entities of all time. But it is also a known fact that each person has their own, unique favorite flavor. Whether it’s Neapolitan, vanilla, butter pecan, or something else- the flavor of your favorite frozen treat speaks to your flavor as a human. In this new blog post brought to you by FY&I, we explore what your favorite ice cream flavor says about you (other than that you have extraordinary culinary tastes).


Some people might consider you a little boring or basic, but they just don't understand classic beauty. You appreciate superb quality and minimalism and this might manifest in your clothing, architecture, furniture and general style choices. You trust your gut and don't follow trends, but instead, stick to the things you know in your heart you enjoy. 


Strawberry ice cream is the source of a lot of controversy. The world can be divided into two kinds of people: people who like strawberry ice cream and people who think strawberry ice cream is the actual worst flavor of ice cream available to mankind. So if you like it, you're a bold individual. You don't care what anyone thinks. You walk down the street with a measured confidence that says, "I've made peace with my life choices." Go you!


You lead a life of contentment and self-esteem. You are confident in your own opinions, but happy to hear those of other people without taking it personally or offensively. You probably live somewhere cozy and warm with gifts you've collected from various friends all over the world. You are content with what you have and you enjoy the richness of the human experience.


Let’s just say that as a fan of Neapolitan, you aren’t exactly a decisive person. This isn't an inherently bad thing, as life has a lot to provide. You’d rather sample a little bit of everything life has to offer than be continuously committed to one thing. Your relationships are vibrant and full, even if they are of a shorter nature. The friends that are around you are all people you keep in your life to challenge yourself and keep things interesting and you like them each for different, admirable things.

Butter Pecan

You live a life of passion, but do so in your own way. As a lover of butter pecan ice cream, it is likely that you have an appreciation for tradition, but don’t shy away from a little decadence. You’re likely to be a bit of a hermit, not so much as in an asocial way, but more in as in you enjoy your alone time to be creative.


Ice Cream Without the Guilt


Ice Cream Without the Guilt

Do you love summer’s favorite frozen treat but feel guilty after every time you indulge? Well, you don’t have to. You can have your (ice cream) cake and eat it too. FY&I explores some healthy ways to eat America’s favorite chilly delicacy in our newest blog post.


Sorbet is a great healthy alternative to regular ice cream. Sorbet is a frozen Italian dessert made from sweetened water with flavoring (typically fruit juice or fruit purée, wine, liqueur or, very rarely, honey). It is better for you in many ways. Sorbet has zero fat as opposed to most ice creams which have approximately five to seven grams, on average. Additionally, sorbet has 80 calories compared to the 140-150 grams found in most ice creams. However, keep in mind that sorbet has more sugar (20 grams)  than full fat ice cream and nearly as much as lower fat ice creams (21 grams). As well, most sorbets have less Calcium, Vitamin A and Iron than regular ice cream, but they do have more Vitamin C. Lastly, most sorbets are comprised of loads of fresh fruit which is always a healthy, delicious option.

Protein Ice Cream

Perfect for body-builders and health-conscious ice cream enthusiasts alike, protein ice cream is usually made with protein powder, almond butter, almond milk, fruit and other materials. It is a great variation on a pre or post workout treat. You can buy protein ice cream from a variety of brands, or better yet, make it yourself. Follow this simple recipe using one frozen banana, 300 grams of low-fat cottage cheese and half a cup of banana flavored whey protein powder to make a simple, delicious banana protein ice cream. Using a food processor, blend the ingredients together to create a creamy mixture. Then, place the mixture into a container and store it in the freezer for an hour. After an hour, remove the container and give the ice cream a good stir to ensure it freezes evenly. Repeat doing this and freezing it more until it achieves the desired consistency. Once it's to your liking, enjoy and have the best workout of your life!

Smart Toppings

A lot of the caloric content in an ice cream creation is found on top. In the toppings, to be exact. Toppings like caramel or crushed candy can easily add several hundred calories to the preexisting caloric content found in ice cream. Fortunately, there are a lot of delicious low-sugar options that all fall under 100 calories. These include: maraschino cherries, strawberries, sprinkles, whipped cream, banana, chocolate syrup, pretzel M&Ms, graham crackers, mini chocolate chips and peanuts. All of these options are a (somewhat) healthy option to put on your ice cream, or even healthier to put on your protein ice cream, sorbet or frozen yogurt.